Underwhelmed by your CEO? Good luck with that


Every day, some tech startups are surpassing their numbers while others are struggling to keep going. Washio, an on-demand laundry service that abruptly shut down yesterday, is just the latest startup to lose its momentum. There’s no shortage of ways things go wrong. Markets change. Companies underestimate the cost of doing business. Sometimes, too, the CEO isn’t getting the job done. In fact, you might feel very certain that your CEO is one of these people, and you may be tempted

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Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is the company's latest 4K action camera

Garmin has launched the new VIRB Ultra 30, a $500 4K action camera that competes squarely against the GoPro Hero4. The VIRB Ultra 30 has a few interesting features up its sleeve. It is voice controlled, so you can say “Okay Garmin, start recording” and the camera will record without you having to press a single button, convenient when the camera is mounted in a way that makes it difficult to access. It also has a high sensitivity microphone that

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Asus ZenBook 3 looks just like a MacBook, except it runs Windows 10


BERLIN — Apple’s new MacBook is the belle of the laptop world even if this year’s update was a little disappointing. However, if you like the compact form factor, but wish it ran Windows 10, Asus has the perfect laptop for you. Announced at IFA 2016, the ZenBook 3 is the spitting image of the 12-inch MacBook, except you know it’s made by Asus and runs Windows 10. As part of Asus’s “Zenvolution” IFA product announcements, which include the ZenWatch

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Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: September 2016


We all love a good wallpaper to polish up our desktops. So to provide you with fresh artwork on a regular basis, we embarked on our desktop wallpapers mission1 eight years ago. Each month we challenge you, the design community, to get your creative juices flowing and produce some inspirational and unique desktop wallpapers. And, well, also this time designers and artists from across the globe challenged their artistic abilities and contributed their designs for September. The result is a

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Seven simple rules for effective email communication and outreach


Communication is key to success in life. No matter your industry, field, career, day-to-day responsibilities, or duties, communication is integral to your success.  This is particularly true in SEO and link building, where communication is vital to educating clients, gaining buy-in, executing campaigns, securing links, and presenting results. Email is the primary mode of communication in today’s digital world. If you can’t communicate well through email, you’ll struggle. Benefits of effective communication Establishes trust, sets project scope, and defines expectations.

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Tile’s lost-item finder will now fit in your wallet


The popular, Bluetooth-connected lost item finder Tile is today introducing a new product dubbed “Tile Slim” that’s designed to be kept in your wallet, so you can find it if it ever goes missing. The device – which the company claims is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker – finally makes it possible to use Tile with not only your wallet without the bulk, but also with other thin items you want to track, like computers, tablets, passports, and more. Tile also

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'Don't Breathe' star Stephen Lang on acting blind, 'Avatar' and that baster scene


LOS ANGELES — Don’t Breathe is the #1 movie in America, and is on track to repeat the feat over Labor Day weekend. But it’s hardly Stephen Lang’s first brush with success as a bad guy: The 64-year-old actor is best known for playing the villain in Avatar, the highest-grossing movie of all-time. Now he’s back in the sleeper hit of the summer as a blind war veteran whose home is broken into by a trio of twenty-something thieves. Of

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