Types Of Startup Metrics – Infographic


I run a startup, which means that aside from creating the product, I also have to measure its growth. Being a visual thinker, I compiled for myself a list of startup metrics that every founder has to know. Create an infographic like this on Adioma These startup metrics come in several categories: financial metrics, user engagement metrics, and distribution metrics. From: a16z.com Written by Anna Vital Information Designer and Infographic Author Source link Best webdesigner india

Redesigning The Paris Metro Map


When I first visited Paris, it took me a while to get oriented and put together a route using the official map of the Paris metro. That’s all it took to spark the flame inside me to redraw it according to an entirely different set of principles. The goal was extremely ambitious, but why not try? In this article, I will attempt to describe the principal solutions involved in the development of my own version of the Paris metro map.

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Content repurposing is your hidden online marketing gem


Every marketer and small business owner knows how much time and effort goes into a piece of content. It isn’t just writing a blog post—it is coming up with the idea, researching, developing, linking, keyword optimizing, and finally posting and promoting even after the article is live. Coming up with a theme alone can be challenging, so why not get five or even ten pieces of content out of a single idea? Content repurposing, which is ultimately using one idea

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