27 times Kate Beckinsale's Instagram won the internet


LONDON — When she’s not busy knocking the stuffing out of werewolves, British actress Kate Beckinsale is hard at work being awesome on Instagram.

Obviously she’s got competition — there are a lot of celebrities with on-point social media games, after all — but between her cat selfies, lip syncing videos and incredibly strong captions, we’re willing to bet she could give most stars out there a run for their money.

From horse costumes to large inflatable penises, here are just some of the times she’s dazzled the world of Instagram with her awesomeness.

1. The time she coupled a selfie with this gloriously unexpected caption.

2. The time she brilliantly re-created her daughter’s baby pic, 17 years later.

3. The time she dressed up as a horse.

4. And made this video, featuring yet another horse costume.

5. The time she shared her favourite knock-knock joke.

6. The time she perfectly encapsulated her myriad interests in one photo.

7. The time she shared a black-and-white photo of her mum with Tim Curry, from when they were at the University of Birmingham together.

8. This throwback photo of a 9-year-old Beckinsale dressed as Carmen Miranda.

9. This epic lip sync duet.

10. The time she went driving with her daughter and her caption game was on point.

11. This glorious selfie with her cat, Clive.

12. And this further proof of Clive’s impressive range of feline facial expressions.

13. This cosy photo of her dog, Myf.

14. And another, equally epic cat shot.

15. The time she shared this glorious video of Myf, in all her hairy glory.


A video posted by Kate Beckinsale (@katebeckinsale) on

16. This simple demonstration of an effective clown horn prank.

17. The time she made a new friend.

18. This badass mother-daughter TBT.

19. The time she shared this frantic karaoke session in the car.

20. This glorious analysis of a “vaginal rejuvenation” billboard.

21. The time she shared a screengrab of her family group chat. 

22. This important life advice.

23. Everything about this photo and its caption.

24. The time she hung out with Mario and Luigi.

25. The time she pointed out her resemblance to Ryan Reynolds.

26. This photo of Beckinsale dressed as a giant inflatable penis.

27. And, finally, this video of her mum — also dressed as a giant penis.

Never stop being awesome, Kate.


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