Android 6.0 Marshmallow Claims Just 2.3% of Platform Market


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Android 6.0 Marshmallow is struggling to gain any traction in the market, and after nearly six months available for devices it is on just 2.3% of all devices running the platform. While Android adoption is always more stagnant than on rival platforms iOS and even Windows, this very low number is sure to disappoint Google.

Mountain View would love OEM’s to adopt newer builds sooner, and while there are legitimate reasons why Android cannot show adoption figures like iOS, this is embarrassingly low for Marshmallow. Of course, fragmentation is part of the Android story, but Google may take some solace from the fact that Lollipop now accounts for a majority with a combined 37.1%.

It shows that slowly the platform is becoming less fragmented, but the face four year old Jelly Bean still shows up on 22.3% of devices is certainly worrying. We expect Marshmallow to grow, and by this time next year it will probably be the numero uno Android build, but then it is worth remembering that Android 7.0 N will already be out in the wild by then.


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