How to Make Money, The Startup Way – Infographic


Having a good job is no longer the preferred way of making money among the younger people. This is why: Create an infographic like this on Adioma Starting a company is. This way of money making is riskier but more straightforward than working a job. There is no boss to decide what happens to you. There are 4 protagonists: you, your customers, your investors, and your co-founder. If you succeed, they succeed. And the way to making money for you

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How Yahoo Started – Infographic


The history of Yahoo! visualized. Instead of selling for $44 Billion a decade ago, they sold for $4 Billion now   The post How Yahoo Started – Infographic appeared first on Funders and Founders. Source link Best webdesigner india

Types Of Startup Metrics – Infographic


I run a startup, which means that aside from creating the product, I also have to measure its growth. Being a visual thinker, I compiled for myself a list of startup metrics that every founder has to know. Create an infographic like this on Adioma These startup metrics come in several categories: financial metrics, user engagement metrics, and distribution metrics. From: Written by Anna Vital Information Designer and Infographic Author Source link Best webdesigner india

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