Democracy in the age of the Internet of Things


With the release of Swipe the Vote in spring 2016, Tinder, the ultimate hook-up app, broke new ground in the United States by claiming to be able to match young voters with their dream-perfect presidential candidate. The matchmaking app tries to make voting sexy by employing to representative politics its same cut-to-the-chase dating method. Who wants to read up on candidates’ policies, attend rallies or even watch a debate? You just want to jump into the bed of democracy with the

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Chipotle's earnings call was a hot and spicy mess


Chipotle is still struggling. Image: andrew renneisen/Getty Images By Emma Hinchliffe2016-10-25 22:18:26 UTC Chipotle was all over the place on Tuesday.  During its third-quarter earnings call, the burrito chain tried to assuage concerns about its dwindling business in the aftermath of last year’s E. coli scare. And in the same call, Chipotle executives said the company would begin in earnest its push into pizza and burgers. And one executive apologized for getting caught with cocaine.  Chipotle exec Mark Crumpacker just

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Apple could be developing its car OS in Canada


More details about Apple’s software team for its not-so-secret car project are emerging. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple has hired quite a few engineers in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata. The company also opened an office over there and could be developing its car operating system from there. The reason why Kanata is so hot right now is because BlackBerry’s QNX office also happens to be there. QNX is an operating system for car and runs many

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Iris AI drastically expedites research through the power of artificial intelligence


There are more than 30 million research papers out there, and more than 3,000 papers are published every day. Put simply, you haven’t a chance in hell to read all of them. So what’s a poor researcher to do when set a challenge in a brand new field of research? Once the wave of blind panic and urge to drink copious amounts of gin has dissipated, you reach for a technology solution. Iris believes it has just the thing. The company launched a

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To be a top quartile SaaS grower, you need to focus on gross churn


SaaS entrepreneurs are bombarded with blog posts with an array of metrics and variables on which they need to focus in order to build their companies. Within the world of customer success, there are so many metrics that are touted: gross churn, net churn, logo churn, renewal rates, NPS score, etc. To better understand which customer success metrics most impact growth, we examined a subset of companies in SaaSRadar, McKinsey’s database of pre-IPO SaaS companies. Our conclusion is that gross churn, by

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Google Jamboard makes collaborative work feel like playtime


Now that the Pixel and Pixel XL have launched against the iPhone, Google’s going after Microsoft’s Surface Hub with Jamboard, its own collaborative digital whiteboard. The Jamboard makes it easier and more fun to collaborate with multiple teams on digital projects. Users simply write on the giant 55-inch touchscreen or organize media files on the display as if they were pinning things on a real whiteboard. With a price under $6,000, the Jamboard will also cost a few thousand bucks

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Mastercard users will soon be able to manage their accounts over Facebook Messenger


Mastercard account holders will soon be able to check on their accounts, track their spending, review past purchases and more right in Facebook Messenger. That’s right – Mastercard is the latest company to embrace Facebook’s chatbot platform as a new means of interacting with its customers in an automated, but A.I.-enhanced way. The company announced its plans at the Money 20/20 conference this week. The bot itself is powered by Kasisto’s conversational A.I. platform KAI, a spin-off from SRI International.

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