What it was really like at Rio, as told by Instagram's most popular posts


At the Olympics, you'll have to face that some athletes are much, much taller than you.
At the Olympics, you’ll have to face that some athletes are much, much taller than you.

Well, that was fast. The Rio Olympics came into our lives with a bang and now it’s all over, leaving us with a whole host of sporting memories, both good and bad.

While the IOC went to great lengths to try and stop its events being shared on social media, that didn’t stop celebrities and athletes themselves from reporting on what it was like to be competing in Rio de Janeiro IRL.

Let’s take a look at the most popular Instagram posts from the games.

You could blend in with the crowd at basketball game.

Then maybe get a kiss from Olympian.

Feel the anticipation of entering an Opening Ceremony…

…then hear thousands of people cheering in the stadium.

But then you’ll need to work really, really hard to perfect your game.

Even if it takes place underwater.

Or on the court.

You could try out a different sport while you’re not busy.

And show love for your compatriots in other sports.

Or just gaze upon the giant cruise ship that’s your temporary home.

Or figure out that there are heaps of athletes that are taller than you.

Sometimes they’re double the height.



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